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Watching your child grow and develop is one of the true pleasures of being a parent. But both genetic issues and accidents can affect their bones and joints in unexpected ways, causing pain, slowing their growth and even stealing some of their newfound independence. With the right treatment, many of these issues can be corrected before they become problems, getting your child back on a pain-free developmental track.

The way children’s bones grow has a huge impact on their quality of life as they get older. If they have scoliosis that curves their spine, or a deformity in one of their legs, it can prevent them from playing sports or even walking properly. Your child’s orthopedic health is only as good as the care he or she receives. That’s why you want your child to have access to some of the industry’s leading experts, so they benefit from high-quality care.

Do you have questions?

If your child comes home from practice limping from a fall, you know you need to see a specialist. But you also may just have some questions about your child’s development, and need to find the right doctor to answer those questions.

Talk to one of our orthopedic specialists if you’ve got questions about your child’s orthopedic development.

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