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Pediatric Long-Term Oncology Center

Palm Beach Children’s Hospital's KITE Center is an outpatient cancer survivorship program for children who completed cancer therapy 2+ years ago. The KITE (Knowing the Importance of Treatment Effects) Center is dedicated to empowering cancer survivors by providing them with information about their post-cancer medical care, monitoring them for potential late-term effects from cancer therapies, and helping them reach their life goals. 

At the KITE Center, our mission is to ensure that each child remains healthy long after their completion of cancer therapy. We do this by having patients undergo various screenings and therapy sessions to help determine their need for further treatment. As a member of the Children’s Oncology Group, we use the latest research to provide personalized care to each and every cancer survivor at our center. Through technologies such as Passport for Care®, patients and their parents have online access to treatment summaries, screening recommendations and follow-up guidelines


  • Specially trained pediatrician and pediatric nurses
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Cardiology
  • Radiology
  • Dietary specialist
  • Licensed clinical social worker
  • Pediatric outpatient rehab 


Is this service covered by medical insurance?
Most major health insurances will cover fees associated with the KITE Center. Please contact your provider for more information on coverage.

Do I need a physician referral for the KITE Center?
We accept patients seeking details about our center without a referral from their primary care physician.

What are the hours of operation?
Appointments are scheduled on the second Wednesday of every month.

Meet our Leadership Team

Matthew Ramirez, MD, MS, FAAP
Medical director, Dr. Matthew Ramirez, pediatric hematologist/oncologist, has been involved in both survivor care and research throughout his career. He brings a unique perspective to his work with cancer survivors as he is a pediatric cancer survivor himself. Dr. Ramirez is excited to help each survivor live their life to the fullest, and he is looking forward to bringing his skills and expertise to South Florida.   

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