Intensive Care 

Hearing that your child’s condition is critical and requires intensive care can be one of the most frightening experiences a parent can endure. You can feel reassured that your children are in good hands when they are admitted into our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).  

Every child’s situation is unique and our experienced staff uses every available tool at their disposal to start your child on a path toward healing. Our team has the necessary training and technology that can improve your child’s chances of survival and speed of recovery, help alleviate pain and suffering, and minimize overall disability.  

You can also find access to a variety of support services including pastoral care, the Child Life program and family lodging at Quantum House. 

To learn more about our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, contact us today. 

What to expect when you get here.

When you arrive at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital you’ll notice we are a hospital dedicated entirely to the care and well being of our youngest neighbors—your children. They’re not just our patients, they’re part of our family. We believe making children feel safe and comfortable is just as important as helping them heal.

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