​We Heal for Them

Whether your child experiences a fall requiring emergent care, lived with an orthopedic condition or any other affliction requiring a high level of medical care, our team of pediatric specialists is ready to help heal your child in hopes of returning them to their daily adventures as quick as possible. Here are stories regarding various service lines from patients and their families who would like to share their wonderful experiences with ​our hospital.

Evan's Surgery Story

When 5-year-old Evan Barron’s stomachache wouldn’t go away, his parents were concerned. Luckily, smiles, not tears, followed his burst appendix after he was treated at Palm Beach Children's Hospital.

Jeremiah's Urology Story

As a teacher and mother of three, a fast paced life is nothing new to Allyson Thomas. But when her son, Jeremiah, became sick just before his third birthday, she knew it was time to press pause. Find out how the urological care at PBCH saved Jeremiah's life.

Piper's Trauma/ER Story

When 4-year-old Piper Fucile attempted a cartwheel and planted her hand the wrong way, her parents were concerned. Today, Piper is back to her happy and energetic self after being treated at Palm Beach Children's Hospital.

Isla's ITP Story

​After noticing a few alarming bruises on her daughter's body, Isla's mom turns to the pediatric specialists at Palm Beach Children's Hospital for assessment and treatment.

Carol's NICU Story

For Carol Throop, each of her four pregnancies provided her with a new and unique experience. However, while pregnant with her youngest son, Lachlan, she endured a type of fear she had never felt before.

Briella's Limb Lengthening Story

Family relocates across the country to save their daughter's leg.
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