Repairing your child’s body – and mind.

The human body is an amazing thing, but it needs both time and effort for your child to recover. It’s going to be a challenge, it’s going to be frustrating, and it’s going to be completely worth the effort.

The more you can encourage your child and her support system (siblings, family members, friends and neighbors) to cheer her on along the road, the more fulfilling the results will be.

Make no mistake: it will require a program that will push your child’s limits to constantly improve. That support, along with your team of experienced therapists, will give your child the tools she needs to succeed…as long as everyone stays positive about the progress, pushes past the negatives and remains focused on the finish line of recovery.

Learn more about our wide range of rehabilitation treatments:

Inpatient Services

To rehab from more serious procedures or conditions, you may have to stay in the hospital so you can fully commit yourself to your rehab. Our team's goal is to get you strong enough to get back home.

Outpatient Services

When you're well enough to leave the hospital, but are working through some lingering pain or discomfort, our outpatient therapy program will work with you to develop a schedule, and teach you the exercises you need to help you get back to full health.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy may help your child overcome the challenges at school and in their daily life.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the map, with an active, healthy child as the destination.

Speech Therapy

Some children have speech sound disorders. Learn more about what can be done to help.
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