Your Health Can't Wait... Scheduling Your Procedure NOW Could Save You Money

Dec 3, 2021

There is no reason to delay your care. The Palm Beach Health Network offers safe, high quality care you can count on 24/7.

Palm Beach County, Fla. – December 3rd, 2021 - It’s that time of year again… patients may be close to or have already met their insurance deductibles, and getting in for surgery before December 31st could reduce out-of-pocket expenses by thousands. At the Palm Beach Health Network, we recognize that life is better without pain, and many patients wonder why they waited so long after a procedure that helps their overall health.

“We understand that many people have delayed their healthcare due to the pandemic, and we want our community to understand that we have the supplies and processes in place to provide care safely,” said Maggie Gill, chief executive officer of the Palm Beach Health Network and Delray Medical Center. “If you have met your deductible, and you are in need of care that can improve your quality of life, we are making every effort to accommodate our community members before the end of the year so they are able to take advantage of their benefits.”

“People often think of elective care as optional, but in many cases, it is very necessary to allow someone to live without pain and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Erica Podolsky, medical director of the Surgical Weight Loss Program at Delray Medical Center. “It is vital to get a procedure done now that can help you stay active and focus on your health, rather than delaying care.”

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