Our Unique Experience 

Maybe your child is at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital with an unexpected injury. Maybe your family regularly visits our doctors for check ups or preventive care. Or maybe your doctor recommended you have a procedure with us.  

No matter how your child got here, our priority is returning them to health as quickly as possible. 

Embracing health, every day

From the moment you make an appointment, we try to make the process as easy as possible with services like ER Check-In Online, letting you and your child skip the waiting room when you need to visit the ER, and pre-registration to get you the treatment you need, as quickly as possible. 

Your child is more than just our patient; they’re part of our family. Even when your child’s time with us is complete, our commitment to helping you and your family improve your health stays in place.  

Find resources to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle with our online health guides and our free classes and events.

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