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We can be the right partner for your child’s health care…and for your peace of mind. 

Every child is an individual 

Each child is an individual. They have their own needs and concerns, challenges and hurdles. You need a hospital that understands those needs, and specifically understands them in children. We believe Palm Beach Children’s Hospital is the right choice for anyone whose child needs medical care, and want you to have as many tools and as much information as you need to pursue treatment for your child. 

Take some time to explore our services and specialties. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to start charting the path for your child’s ongoing health care needs. 

In your words… 

Sometimes it’s comforting just to know you’re not alone. No matter why you find yourself here, chances are someone else has been in your shoes before. That’s why we’ve created a section of our website devoted to patient stories, so you can read what others experienced while in our care.  

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