For Other Physicians 

What can Palm Beach Children’s Hospital do for you? 

We work hard to make your job easier. 

Families and physicians know Palm Beach Children’s Hospital is one of the best for pediatric care. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Always available  — We’re the only dedicated, 24-hour pediatric emergency department in the area. 

  • Experience— Our doctors not only take care of the children in our community, they also teach other doctors to do the same through our partnerships with Florida Atlantic University’s School of Medicine and the University Of Vermont College Of Medicine. 

  • Specialty services — We offer a wide variety of pediatric services, including cancer, heart, diabetes care, limb lengthening, adolescent bariatrics and a cystic fibrosis center. 

  • Support — We understand how hard it can be on families to have a child in the hospital, so we offer emotional and financial support through programs like Child Life and Quantum House. 

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